Customer stories: Worker Safety & Contractor Tracking

February 14, 2017

Customer stories: Worker Safety & Contractor Tracking

See the value that AeroScout worker safety solutions have brought to our industrial customers; safeguard workers, track contractors, and increase accountability.




AeroScout worker safety and contractor tracking solutions are deployed around the world; discover the who, where, what, why, and how with these examples.

Each customer story outlines the goals that the customer wanted to achieve, an overview of the solution they used, and the outcomes they experienced.


Marathon Petroleum Corporation

  • tracking over 200 workers and contractors across a 1000-acre refinery in Illinois
  • full Life Safety solution in partnership with Accenture and Industrial Scientific
  • using the existing Cisco Wi-Fi network



  • creating a zero-accident work environment and promoting safety culture
  • tracking over 1000 workers and more than 100 vehicles at two mines in Nevada
  • integrating MobileView with their existing vehicle dispatching system to improve effectiveness



  • intrinsically safe automatic mustering solution for over 200 underground miners
  • visibility of more than 50 vehicles moving underground to increase productivity and material control
  • AeroScout tags integrated with cap lamps for ease of use



  • ensuring worker safety onboard the Costa Magica cruise ship in the event of an emergency
  • enabling rapid deployment of C02 fire suppression system
  • controlling access to critical locations


Bangor Hydro

  • enabling workers to call for help in emergencies
  • improving safety of teams working remotely in the field in Maine
  • centralised emergency response teams



  • ensuring the site remained operational
  • reducing the time taken to locate distressed workers or lost contractors
  • replacing a time-consuming, inaccurate manual mustering system


Jurong Town Corporation

  • locating workers easily in network of underground hydrocarbon storage caverns in Singapore
  • running air circulation fans only when workers are in the vicinity to save money
  • evacuation monitoring in emergencies


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