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Find the right solution for you

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  • iTAG X30

    Evaluation Development Kit

    Evaluation Development Kit (EDK) allows you to evaluate the Extronics Real Time Location System (RTLS).

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  • EX3220

    EX3220 Tag Exciter

    An LF RFID tag exciter for RTLS deployments. 

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  • Tag & Exciter Detector (TED)

    Hardware Manager

    A tool to simplify the installation and configuration of various Extronics RTLS products.

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  • iANT212 ultra-compact industrial spherically patterned antenna.

    iANT212 Compact Wi-Fi Spherically Patterned Rugged Antenna

    An ultracompact industrial spherically patterned antenna designed for use in the most extreme environments.

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  • iBATT500

    iBATT5xx Zone 1&2 Stainless Steel Universal Battery Enclosure

    A battery enclosure for Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas, designed to be configured for your application.

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  • iPOE Injector

    iPOE103 & iPOE104: POE and Ethernet Extender

    A POE/Ethernet extender for Zone 1 and 21 hazardous areas.

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  • iRFID500 handheld passive RFID reader.

    iRFID500 Zone 0 Handheld Bluetooth Passive UHF RFID Tag Reader

    A powerful handheld passive RFID reader for use in hazardous areas. 

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  • iSCAN1xx barcode scanner Ex

    iSCAN1xx Handheld Cabled Barcode Scanners

    A range of handheld cabled barcode scanners, designed for use in hazardous areas.

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  • iSOLATE RF Kit

    iSOLATE RF Isolator Kits

    Kits contain the iSOLATE-501 and iSOLATE-CT to provide the flexibility to customise the component setup for your hazardous area application.

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