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We specialise in developing and manufacturing ATEX, IECEx, and North American certified equipment for use in hazardous areas, and rugged industrial products for harsh environments. 

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Efficiency, productivity, and worker safety are critical components to a successful operation across upstream, midstream, and downstream sites.

Extronics has supported the Oil & Gas industry since we were founded in 1992. Since then, we have developed a range of hazardous area solutions that allow our oil & gas customers to work Smart, stay Safe and remain Connected.


How we support Oil & Gas customers 

There are many scenarios where our products and solutions can support your On and Offshore site use cases. Here are some key use cases where our solutions can provide a robust solution to your hazardous area needs.

POB (personnel onboard) 

Our Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) provide site operation teams with a clear picture of who is onboard a vessel or platform at any given moment. Exciters or anchors can be placed at entrances, exits or key choke points to activate and track personnel tags when a person enters the site or a specific area. Replace your manual POB process and provide clear oversight of who is onboard at any given moment with Extronics. 


Automatic Mustering

Offshore or onshore evacuations in the oil & gas industry present a heightened risk to personnel safety. Limited space and tight walkways present potential choke points and high-risk areas. Having a clear picture of where personnel are in the event of an evacuation is critical. Extronics RTLS provides a robust hazardous area automatic mustering solution using the proven Mobileview visibility platform. See exactly who has been mustered and who has not without the need for manual registers or walkie talkies to communicate between muster zones.

Asset Tracking

Ensuring you know exactly where key assets are and what you have in your inventory saves time and increases operational efficiency. Reduce wasted time looking for assets when you could be using them. Extronics range of asset tracking solutions under our AutoID and RTLS product groups provides a flexible solution that can meet the demands of your offshore hazardous areas. 


Extronics know how important site connectivity is onshore and offshore. A robust hazardous areas wireless network means you can access all your IoT (Internet of Things) sensor data, provide remote worker connectivity, support RTLS use cases and gain critical data to improve operational efficiency. Extronics has been providing hazardous area wireless solutions for over twenty years. Our iWAP range of vendor agnostic hazardous area wireless enclosures have been specifically designed to support hazardous area wireless in Zone 1/ Div 1 and Zone 2 Div 2 areas.

Power Solutions

Providing a critical layer of back-up power redundancy to your critical assets is vital to ensuring a safe and efficient operation offshore. Extronics Ex back-up power and battery solutions provide a proven, modular, and extremely flexible solution set to match your requirements. With over 100 UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) system installed worldwide you can trust Extronics to protect your key assets.

Solar Solutions

Where mains power is not an option, solar can be a viable alternative. Extronics offers solar powered solutions for your wireless connectivity, back-up power, and battery requirements. Fully certified Ex solar panels can be configured to match your requirements. 

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