Extronics offers cutting-edge Asset Tracking solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical sector’s unique requirements, enabling unparalleled traceability and audit readiness.

Elevating Traceability and Auditing in the Pharmaceutical Industry with Extronics Asset Tracking Solutions.

In the dynamic landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, meticulous traceability and stringent auditing are pivotal elements. The ability to precisely track and monitor assets plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance, optimising processes, and maintaining operational excellence.


 How we support the pharmaceutical industry


There are many hazardous area use cases found in the Pharmaceutical industry. Here are a sample that Extronics can help you with.

Auditing for Compliance Confidence

The pharmaceutical industry is heavily regulated, and adherence to strict compliance standards is non-negotiable. Auditing processes demand meticulous documentation of asset movements and usage. Extronics’ AutoID solutions eliminate the complexities of manual record-keeping by automating data collection and storage. This reduces the risk of errors and expedites auditing procedures, enabling you to confidently demonstrate compliance.

Precise Asset Tracking for Unparalleled Traceability

In the realm of pharmaceuticals, each asset, whether it’s raw materials, specialised equipment, or critical tools, carries immense significance. Extronics real time location solutions empower you to monitor the movement and location of these assets. By providing real-time visibility into asset whereabouts, you can enhance inventory management, reduce the risk of loss, and ensure that assets are available precisely when needed.

Robust Connectivity for Critical Operations

The ability to perform crucial tasks and access vital data hinges on a dependable wireless network. A hazardous area wireless network ensures seamless access to IoT sensor data, supports worker connectivity, facilitates RTLS applications, and offers operational insights. With over two decades of experience, Extronics specializes in wireless solutions for hazardous areas. Our purpose-built iWAP range of vendor-agnostic wireless enclosures supports hazardous area wireless deployments in Zone 1/Div 1 and Zone 2/Div 2 locations.

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