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Hazardous Area Wireless Networking

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Looking for hazardous area wireless solutions that are suitable for an array of challenging operating conditions, including potentially explosive atmospheres? 

Our iWAP range of Hazardous Area Wireless Enclosures has been designed for wireless devices. Our vendor-agnostic approach to engineering means our solutions give you complete flexibility over your chosen wireless technology. Get the latest functionality and best performance for your wireless application with Extronics hazardous area wireless solutions. 

Our Range Features Even More Great Options!

iWAP – Built for Wireless

The iWAP range of hazardous area enclosures have been designed specifically for wireless applications. Engineered to the highest quality, our iWAP product range is vendor agnostic giving you complete flexibility over your chosen wireless technology.

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Solar wireless

Solar Powered Wireless

Our iWAP range is also available with solar power options when mains power is not available, providing a reliable supply of power to your chosen wireless device as a mobile unit or fixed installation. 

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OEM wireless optons for hazardous areas.

OEM Wireless 

Whether you need RF isolation as part of your own product or hazardous area wireless connectivity as part of a larger offering, our hazardous area wireless products can provide a hassle-free solution that is ready to go. 

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iWAP power and data options - PoE, Fibre, AC/ DC, solar.

Flexible Data and Power Options

Our enclosures support multiple power and data options, including Ethernet, Fibre, AC & DC, and PoE (Power Over Ethernet). Check out our solar powered options for when mains power is not available. 

Stainess steel iWAPs

Stainless Steel Options

Our iWAPs are available if multiple material options to meet the demands of your hazardous area environment. Our iWAP107 comes in marine grade copper-free aluminium light alloy, epoxy powder coated or 316L Stainless Steel.

PoE Injector

Extronics offers a range of Zone 1/ 21 PoE injectors as part of our Wireless product range. Options include fibre optic PoE media converters, ethernet PoE injectors and ethernet extenders to support your application.

Hazardous Area Wireless Buyers Guide

This eBook is designed to provide a guide to some of the key points you must consider when deploying wireless technology into a hazardous area. The guide will cover: 

  • Global standards governing the deployment of wireless radio devices into hazardous areas
  • Typical wireless technology used in hazardous areas
  • Ex solutions for deploying wireless devices and the key considerations
  • Environmental and installation challenges
  • Maintenance considerations



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