Hazardous area data is one of the most valuable resources for a company to access. Information on the efficiency and status of machinery, the location and wellbeing of personnel, scheduling and organising maintenance, and more – it all contributes towards maintaining productivity and safety.

Connectivity is crucial in modern industry, as shown; why should hazardous areas remain in isolation?

Extronics has been leading the way in hazardous area wireless since the launch of our first ATEX certified wireless solution in 2005. We’re continually building on this experience and have formed technical partnerships with providers such as Cisco, Aruba, Siemens, ProSoft, and more.

Get the latest functionality and best performance for your wireless application.

iWAP series

You to choose your access point from leading vendors like Cisco, Aruba, Siemens, and more, and Extronics make if suitable for use in hazardous areas with our iWAP series of
enclosure systems, specifically designed for wireless networking.

iSOLATE technology

Protecting against AC, DC, and dangerous transient faults, the iSOLATE501 makes RF outputs intrinsically safe. Working with sister product iSOLATE-CT, it allows you to use simple apparatus antennas in hazardous areas and hot swap them, too.

iANT range

All either certified in their own right or fully assessed by Extronics engineers as ‘simple apparatus’ under intrinsic safety standards, the iANT range gives a wide choice of antennas for use with our iWAP series to suit multiple applications.


What kind of wireless equipment would best suit my needs?

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