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Support Throughout


If you have a technical question about any of our products or solutions that you don’t currently own, our Internal Sales Engineers are here to help you out.

+44(0)1606 738 4460 (Press 3)


Our Technical Support department is on hand to solve any questions or issues you may have after purchasing from Extronics.

+44(0)1606 738 4460 (Press 7)

RTLS Customers

If you are a current AeroScout customer with a Maintenance & Support contract, you can access software manuals and view documentation by logging in below:

Raise support tickets and search knowledge base

We believe in helping our customers find the right solution for their application. That support starts from the very first time you get in touch, throughout the sales process, and continues once you’ve received your order.

All of our products come with a comprehensive warranty as standard and we pride ourselves on supporting our customers as a priority.

You’ll find documentation such as datasheets, manuals, and certificates on the product pages. If the answers you need aren’t there, please contact us; if you have purchased the product, please email support@extronics.com. If you haven’t purchased the product yet and want some technical advice first, please contact info@extronics.com.

If you would like to arrange a return or RMA, please contact support@extronics.com.

For more information about our Maintenance & Support Plans for AeroScout products and solutions, please view the product page.