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As an OEM, developing new products for hazardous areas poses numerous challenges, including ensuring compliance with various standards. The development time and costs associated with Ex certification often creates significant barriers for OEMs seeking to deploy their technology in hazardous areas. Extronics offers a solution that streamlines this process and provides a range of benefits to your business: using a pre-certified enclosure solution, like Extronics iWAP range to house existing products, or integrating Extronics iSOLATE RF isolation technology into your product to give you the flexibility you need whilst remaining compliant.


Reduced time to market 

Do not slow your solution development by waiting for Ex certification. Extronics can help you now with a range of Ex enclosure options for Zone 1/21, Division 1 and Zone 2/22, Division 2 hazardous areas.

Lower Development and Certification Costs 

Using Extronics iWAP enclosure and iSOLATE RF isolation technology means you do not need to worry about the cost and time involved in certifying your product. We have got it covered!

Improved Reliability and Greater Flexibility 

Our enclosures have been designed for the most harsh and hazardous areas, so no matter where you intend your solution to be installed, our OEM solutions are a perfect fit for whatever the environment might throw at it.

Don’t slow down your solution development by waiting for Ex certification. Extronics can help you now with a range of pre-certified hazardous location enclosures, including wireless access point enclosures, designed for Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22 hazardous areas. By leveraging our pre-certified solutions, you can significantly reduce the time required to bring your wireless technology product to market, ensuring a faster response to customer demand and staying ahead of the competition.

Developing and certifying your own hazardous area enclosure for wireless technologies can be expensive and time-consuming. However, with Extronics’ pre-certified enclosures, such as our wireless access point enclosures, you can avoid the cost and effort involved in obtaining individual certifications. Our enclosures are already tested and certified to ATEX, cMETus, and IECEx. This allows you to save on development and certification costs, focusing instead on the core functionality of your product.

Extronics’ pre-certified hazardous area enclosures are designed for durability and reliability in harsh environments. With options for both Zone 1/21 and Zone 2/22, our enclosures ensure that your wireless technology product can provide reliable and flexible wireless access in hazardous locations. Whether it’s for a mobile device network, wireless data communication, or other wireless applications, our enclosures offer the peace of mind for your hazardous area requirements.


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