iRFID XN3 Quattro – A Zone 2 UHF Reader Powered by CAEN RFID Technology

The iWAP XN3 Quattro is a Zone 2, 22 and Division 2 hazardous area UHF reader, powered by CAEN RFID technology.

Highly rugged, IP66 and NEMA 4 rated, the iWAP XN3 Quattro can use non-certified antennas with it’s intrinsically safe RF outputs. The solution also offers Power over Ethernet to communicate with the reader with a single cable. The iWAP XN3 Quattro provides a low maintenance solution that is also easy to install.


  • Up to 4 RF antenna connections with optimised power levels for hazardous area conformity
  • ATEX and IECEx Zone 2 and 22 certified
  • cMETus Class I, II Division 2 and Zone 2 certified
  • RAIN (UHF EPC Class1 Gen 2 ISO 18000-63) Compliant

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Product Details

Intrinsically safe RF outputs

Not only does this give greater choice of antenna, it also means that antennas may be hot swapped without having to power down equipment – reducing downtime.

Choice of antenna

The iRFID XN3 Quattro incorporates Extronics iSOLATE501 RF galvanic isolators, making RF outputs intrinsically safe. This means that any antenna assessed as meeting the international intrinsic safety standards for simple apparatus may be used. The Extronics iANT2xx range has been assessed for this purpose by our team of engineers.

Highly rugged and reliable

The iRFID XN3 Quattro is designed to operate successfully in harsh environments and hazardous areas with and ingress protection of IP66.

Tech Specs


Ex II 3 (3) G Ex ec [ic Gc] nR IIC T6 Gc
3 (3) D Ex [ic Dc] tc IIIC T85°C Dc
cMETus Class I, Div 2, Groups A – D
Class II, Div 2, Groups F – G
cMETus Class I, Zone 2 AEx ec ic nR IIC T6 Gc
Class II, Zone 22 AEx ec ic tc IIIC T85°C Dc
-40°C <= Tamb <= 60°C


Marine grade copper-free aluminium alloy, epoxy powder coated.




383 x 388 x 220 mm (Height x Width x Depth)