iTAG XM – Android smartphone app for worker location tracking

Bringing hybrid location tracking technologies to your Android Ex smartphone. The iTAG XM app is the next addition to our X-Range family of hybrid RTLS solutions for hazardous areas.

Make use of Wi-Fi/BLE RSSI trilateration for precise indoor positioning and GPS for outdoor tracking. Increase worker safety with an emergency SOS feature to quickly send help where it is needed


  • Accurately locate your workers indoors and out
  • Install on any Ex certified Android smartphone
  • Wi-Fi or cellular connection to the network
  • No need to carry extra devices.


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Product Details

Initial setup

The iTAG XM comes pre-installed on the BARTEC SP9 phone, but can be installed on any Ex Android phone. The initial setup is simple

1. Install the APK and launch the app2. Set permissions for location, and other services3. Set up physical buttons if applicable4. Set up connection to Extronics Device Manager

5. Select smartphone and set the required configuration within the EDM then “Apply” settings6. Phone will be automatically configured7. This can be verified by clicking the settings tab on the app

Tech Specs

Android Compatibility

Version 6.0 and above


Wi-Fi or Cellular connection on handset



Physical button option

Yes, Requires configurable button on handset