MobileView Enterprise Visibility Software

MobileView software enables you to track, locate, monitor, and manage your assets and personnel from a single platform.

  • Locate and monitor your assets and personnel in real time
  • IIoT integration – use data from both AeroScout and 3rd party devices
  • Tailored for industrial applications
  • Automatically triggered events that are configured to your criteria
  • Fully scalable, enterprise-class system

Enterprise-ready, highly configurable, and scalable, MobileView doesn’t need special software to use – just an internet browser. You can use it on a desktop computer, but also when on the go via a tablet or smartphone.

A central part of AeroScout real time location solutions, MobileView takes information from a variety of sources Рnot only AeroScout tags, but third party devices as well via the optional Generic Gateway module Рand delivers sophisticated mapping, rules-based alerting, and reporting functions. MobileView is the leading end-user application that helps you leverage location, status, and condition data from your tagged assets and personnel to provide effective business improvements.

There are three main systems within MobileView, known as applications:

  • Asset management (People and Asset tracking)
  • Condition monitoring (temperature, humidity, voltage)
  • Evacuation monitoring (mustering)

Each application has its own locator, alerts dashboard, and reports page to make them easy to use. You can switch between the applications you’re using within a session with the click of a button.

Visualise your assets intuitively

With easy to use search options to locate and view personnel and assets, it’s simple to categorise your assets and store intelligence on their movements and usage. You can view information in real time and historically, able to track an asset’s timeline.

MobileView asset visualisation

MobileView historical trail
Improve business processes with automated events

A range of event options that can each be configured to your particular criteria use rules-based logic to automatically trigger actions, such as raising alerts or driving another event to activate, based on data such as location, status, condition, or other factors. These alerts can be sent to workstations, phones, pagers and other 3rd party applications to automate and improve everyday processes.

The Instant Notifier software works alongside MobileView to create visual and audible alerts, as well as recording a log of corrective actions taken that can be used as an audit trail of your response to the situation.

Instant Notifier_group
Industrial Internet of Things integration

As well as locating AeroScout tags, MobileView also enables you to view and track non-AeroScout tagged assets within MobileView. The optional Generic Gateway module allows integration of location data from third party applications, such as assets being tracked by technologies like GPS or UWB.

View, search, manage, and trigger events automatically between all asset types and technologies for full business-wide visibility – identify and respond to operational or safety concerns more rapidly across your entire installation to reduce downtime, improve safety, and increase productivity

IIOT integration full
Audit trail and reporting

A variety of reports are available for each application, both scheduled and on-demand, such as utilisation, inventory, par levels, or temperature trending. What’s more, a full audit trail is available with System Audit Report showing when a change was made, by whom (user/automatically), what was changed (which parameter, old value, new value).

 MobileView Reporting and monitoring