Instant Notifier Alert Software

Instant Notifier is a component of the MobileView visibility platform. It provides visual and audible alerts on critical events for all MobileView solutions such as asset management, condition monitoring, and worker safety.


  • Improve communication and shorten response times
  • Instant messaging tool to notify workers of critical events
  • Intuitive and dynamic graphical display with map and alert details
  • Alert management panel includes pending and dismissed alerts
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Available for Windows devices and Apple mobile devices
  • Embedded CCTV footage (Windows only)

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Product Details

Available for both Windows-based computers and for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch, Instant Notifier offers multiple options to keep operations and security staff fully informed on events that impact safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Real-time visual information

All the information needed to respond to an alert is available at a glance, including an interactive amp showing the event location in real-time, a photo and icon representing the asset or person involved, the time of the alert, the priority level, and other details.

Handle alerts on the spot with full audit trail

Workers can manage alerts directly from Instant Notifier, with the ability to mute or dismiss alerts and document corrective actions taken. This information is recorded by MobileView, along with the user, date, and time, to provide an audit trail. All pending alerts are listed with priority level and time of alert.

Push notifications

Alerts are automatically pushed to users. Instant Notifier for Windows pops up a window when an alert occurs, while the Instant Notifier app for mobile devices supports the push notification service (requires an internet connection).

Configurable messages

Event templates and audio files allow system administrators to customise the information displayed and alarm sound for each type of event, tailoring it to your applications.

Integrated CCTV (video only)

Instant Notifier offers automatic playback of CCTV footage showing what occurred at the exit or area starting in the moments just before the alert that triggered the CCTV camera. Requires DVR2010 video recorder.