T14 Bi-Directional RTLS Worker Badge

The T14 Bi-directional Worker Badge is a component of Extronics’ suite of enterprise visibility solutions for locating personnel in real time. The T14 Tag offers a flexible, scalable way to track workers across a wide variety of applications. The rechargeable battery-powered T14 Tag can be attached to a worker’s clothing using the cradle, and used to quickly find workers, entry/exit point detection, call-button alerting, and more.


  • Locate personnel in real time
  • Leverage standard Wi-Fi networks
  • Bi-directional communication for over-the-air updates
  • Optional call button
  • Water and dust proof

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Product Details

Beaconing and Bi-directional communication

The T14 worker Badge utilises lightweight beaconing communication (for standard messages) and Bi-directional Wi-Fi communication with full network association and authentication (for advanced applications). This unique combination provides a flexible and scalable solution for advanced applications. The badge can operate with up to four different network SSIDs in a secure or non-secure mode and is able to store up to two network IPs. The T14 Badge also supports both static IP configuration and DHCP.

Rechargeable battery

The badge has a rechargeable battery that provides up to 3 weeks battery life, depending on badge type and usage. The badge is able to report its battery level which is displayed in MobileView. The T14 worker Badge also has a motion sensor to conserve battery life when the badge is not in motion. Badges are charged using the T14 worker Badge Charging Station.

Entry and exit point detection

When combined with Extronics Exciters, the T14 worker Badge provides instant notification when a worker passes through an egress point, such as a gate, doorway or other tightly defined area.

Visual indication

T14 worker Badges include a dual-colour LED which enables distinct visual indications for specific use cases, such as finding a particular worker.

Ultrasound receiver (optional)

The T14 worker Badge is also available with an embedded ultrasound receiver able to receive signals from ultrasound Exciters. Exciters transmit ultrasound signals, which do not pass through walls, thus helping deliver location reports at room level accuracy. Badges with embedded ultrasound receivers capture the signals and report their exact location over the Wi-Fi network.

Call button (optional)

The badges can include a call button that can trigger an event in MobileView. MobileView events can be defined according to specific button press patterns, such as long press, short press and double press.

Small form factor

The T14 badge’s small and ergonomic design makes it easy to wear and use.

Tech Specs


CE, cTUVus (EN60950), EN 60601-1-Rev3


Outdoor range: Up to 200 metres (656 Feet)
Indoor range: Up to 80 metres (260 feet)


16g (0.56oz)


41 x 36 x 15 mm (1.6 x 1.4 x 0.6 inch)