Evaluation Development Kit

Try before you buy; the Evaluation Development Kit (EDK) allows you to evaluate the Extronics Real Time Location System (RTLS), powered by AeroScout technology, in your own environment.

  • Test out your own use cases to suit your application
  • See how the system works in your facility
  • Understand the ROI that a full-scale system could provide

The Evaluation Development Kit enables you to set up a small version of the Extronics RTLS, but with the complete MobileView functionality of a full-scale deployment. Test out your own use cases to discover the benefits this solution would bring to your application. For example, set up directional entry/exit points using exciters, change the status of tags remotely using exciters, or create alerts when a call button is pressed.

The Evaluation Development Kit also includes up to four hours of installation support from our Technical Support team, to help you make the most of your trial.

Purchasing an Evaluation Development Kit is a cost-effective way to feel confident that the RTLS suits your application and to justify the purchase of a full-scale RTLS. The Evaluation Development Kit offers you a considerable cost saving of over 70%, compared to buying the parts separately.

What’s included in the Evaluation Development Kit?

We’ve hand-picked a range of software, hardware, and accessories to help you understand the ROI that the Extronics RTLS can deliver.


MobileView Asset Management

  • Track people and assets in real time
  • See historical trail
  • View status and other information

MobileView Evacuation Monitoring

  • Automatically muster people in emergencies
  • Quickly locate people who haven’t reached safety
  • Use reports to improve evacuation processes

MobileView Condition Monitoring

  • Monitor temperature, humidity, or voltage of assets in real time
  • Protect assets from environmental damage
  • Demonstrate quality and regulatory compliance

Instant Notifier

  • Get immediate alerts based on configured events, such as emergency call button presses
  • Intuitive and dynamic map display
  • Manage and prioritise multiple alerts

AeroScout Location Engine

  • Add and manage maps of your facility
  • Configure access points and exciters
  • Connect MobileView with databases



iTAG100 Intrinsically Safe Tag

  • Available as ATEX, IECEx, and North American certified for use in Zone 1 hazardous areas
  • Includes emergency call button

TGUARD Tag Protector

  • Prevents accidental call button activation
  • Quick call button access in emergencies
  • Added tag protection

T2-EB Extended Battery Tag

  • Extended battery of up to 8 years
  • Inbuilt mounting flanges
  • Ideal for assets in rugged environments

T2s Tag

  • Includes call button
  • Includes asset mounting cradle
  • Small form factor

T3 Tag

  • Two call buttons for status and alert reporting
  • Tamper-proof mechanism
  • LED indicators

T5 Sensor Tags

  • Internal temperature and humidity sensors
  • Offline condition monitoring
  • Long battery life

T12 Asset Tag

  • Bi-directional communication for over-the-air updates
  • Tamper-proof
  • Optional call button

EX5200 Exciter

  • Indoor exciter
  • Adjustable range up to 5m
  • Real-time chokepoint detection

EX3210 Exciter

  • Small form for indoor use
  • Adjustable range up to 3m
  • Real-time chokepoint detection


Supporting Products & Accessories

Installation Support

  • Up to four hours of help from our Technical Services team

Hardware Manager Kit

  • Used to configure hardware
  • Includes Hardware Manager software application, Tag & Exciter Detector (TED), and Exciter Manager kit with configuration cables

Maintenance & Support (software only)

  • Get any help you need from our Technical Services team throughout the duration of your plan

Replacement Batteries

  • Extend your testing period
  • User-replaceable

Exciter Mounting Kits

  • Mounting options for both EX5200 and EX3210
  • Includes ceiling bracket


To see more information about what’s included, and the system requirements, please take a look at the Evaluation Development Kit datasheet below.