iTAG X30 Hazardous Areas Personnel Location Tag

The iTAG X30 is a hazardous area worker location tag that gives you unparalleled accuracy from a Real Time Location System (RTLS) using hybrid technology. The iTAG X30 is Wi-Fi, GPS, LF, and BLE compatible – meaning all indoor and outdoor areas can be tracked in real time. GPS capability reduces the need for dense Wi-Fi infrastructure in open areas.


  • Deliver site wide location tracking coverage with reduced infrastructure
  • Add greater location accuracy in hazardous areas
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • ATEX and IECEx Zone 0, 20, and M1 certified
  • cMETus Class I, II Division 1, Zone 0 and 20 certified

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Product Details

Make Use of Multiple Technologies

Hybrid location tracking is the only practical solution for site wide visibility in the process industries. The iTAG X30 is Wi-Fi, GPS, LF, and BLE compatible – meaning all indoor and outdoor areas can be tracked in real time. The iTAG X30 gives you unparalleled confidence compared to other RTLS.

The iTAG X30 has worker safety at its core. Designed to be rugged, the tag is a smart solution to your worker safety requirements.

Emergency Call Button

Enable your workers to easily raise an alarm if they need help.

The iTAG X30 alerts the MobileView software with the worker’s location, meaning that assistance can be sent without delay to where it’s needed, reducing the risk of serious harm.

Status Indication

LED’s on the top and front of iTAG X30 will illuminate when the emergency call button has been activated.

Optional Integrated Access Control/Photo ID

The front of the tag has been designed to display access control or photo ID cards. By combining your access control with your worker location system, you can reduce the amount of equipment that workers are required to carry on site.

Access control cards with built in DESFire EV1 technology are specifically designed to fit inside the tag maintaining the compact form. A pop out card design means cards can be printed on a standard ID card printer, such as Matica and Magicard printers.

The clear cover protects the ID card from the harsh industrial environments and preserves the integrity of the photo, helping them stay in use for longer periods.

Practical Mounting Options

The iTAG X30 is simple to wear, with a durable integrated stainless-steel clip as well as lanyard mounting options. The clip and lanyard can also be used together to make sure the tag is firmly held in place.

The tag is small, lightweight, and can be worn several different ways. For example, on a belt, around a neck lanyard, or on a chest clip to suit your site and the worker’s duties.

Time-Saving Pre-Configured Profiles

The iTAG X30 comes with seven pre-defined user profiles, so you can save time during the set up and configuring process by simply choosing the profile that best matches your application. It’s easy to choose which profile you’d like to use with the Tag & Exciter Detector and Tag Manager BD, part of the Hardware Manager.

Long-Lasting, Rechargeable Battery

The iTAG X30 has a rechargeable internal battery, designed to last throughout the duration of multiple shifts.

Daily charging is recommended, however depending on usage and configuration profiles the iTAG X30 battery can last for several days at a time.

The iTAG X30 is easy to recharge – just plug the USB charging cable into an Extronics approved USB power supply or use the purpose built multi-charger if tags are left on-site after each shift.

Designed for Hazardous Areas and Harsh Industrial Environments

The iTAG X30 was designed for use in industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, pharmaceutical, and heavy manufacturing. It’s fully certified for use in hazardous areas with flammable gas and dust:

  • ATEX and IECEx Zone 0, 20, and M1 certified
  • cMETus Class I, II Division 1, Zone 0 and 20 certified

It’s also highly rugged, made from durable materials and overmoulded for added toughness.

Reducing the Amount of Wi-Fi You Need in Open Areas

The iTAG X30 can use RSSI triangulation, LF exciters, GPS, or BLE beacons to determine its location.

Extronics’ proprietary ELE software determines the tag location using a complex algorithm which includes GPS, RSSI triangulation, BLE and LF location data. Additional configuration of hybrid zones within the ELE can further increase the accuracy.

For example, areas with a large number of Wi-Fi access points, such as indoor areas or processing areas with high metallic structures, can be configured as hybrid zones to make use of multiple technologies. This provides the ELE with as much information as possible to enable the decision-making algorithm to accurately locate workers anywhere on site.

In less built-up outdoor environments, such as tank farms or storage yards, the inclusion of GPS technology in the iTAG X30 means fewer access points are required for accurate location tracking. The main purpose for Wi-Fi in these scenarios is to provide the backhaul of the location data to the ELE.

The ELE integrates seamlessly with the MobileView visibility software giving you a clear picture of personnel and asset location in real time. Alternatively, the ELE provides a full API meaning you can integrate you location directly into your front-end platform of choice.

Over-the-air updates

Designed to provide market-leading functionality for years to come, the iTAG X30 can be updated over-the-air with new features.

Tech Specs


II 1 D Ex ia IIIC T200 135°C Da
I M1 Ex ia I Ma

cMETus CI I, II, III Div 1 groups A-G, T4, Ex ia
CI I Zone 0 AEx ia IIC T4 Ga
Zone 20 AEx ia IIIC T135°C Da
Ex ia IIC T4 Ga
Ex ia IIIC T135°C Da

Location technology

Wi-Fi radio: 2.4 GHz
GNSS radio: GPS / GLONASS / Galileo
LF receiver: 125 KHz
Bluetooth: 2.4GHz


Tag 125g
Charger 35g


H85mm x W56mm x D26mm excluding stainless steel clip
H92mm x W56mm x D38mm including stainless steel clip