T2s Small Form Factor Wi-Fi Active RFID Tag

Small form factor Wi-Fi tag suitable for people tracking and a broad range of applications. The T2s Tag is a component of our enterprise-level visibility solution based on standard Wi-Fi communication for location-based applications.


  • Real Time Location of people and assets
  • Leverage standard Wi-Fi networks
  • Up to 4 years battery life
  • A variety of mounting options
  • Call button to define alerts according to button presses

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Product Details

Various mounting options

This battery-powered tag can be worn by workers or attached to a variety of assets, enabling them to be accurately located in real-time. In addition, the same tag can be used for immediate choke-point detection, mustering, entrance/exit, call-button alerting, motion sensing and more.

T2s Tag messages are received and processed by standard Wi-Fi infrastructure. As with all our tags, location is determined through a unique beaconing method that keeps network impact low and ensures scalability and long battery life. T2s Tags are ideal for worker tracking and for a broad range of applications that streamline business processes and improve operations and workflow.

Long battery life

The T2s Tag has a single replaceable battery that can provide power for up to 4 years (depending on tag type, configuration and use case). The tag can report its battery level, which is displayed in MobileView. The tag also has a motion sensor to conserve battery life when the tag is not in motion.

Standard Wi-Fi networks

T2s Tags use any standard Wi-Fi network infrastructure, keeping costs low and making deployments fast and simple. The tags can be used to determine the location and status of people or assets. The tags’ wireless messages are received by Wi-Fi access points and passed to our MobileView enterprise software.

Call button

The call button allows you to define alerts according to button presses – such as a worker call requiring immediate assistance or attention, replacing low inventory of an asset, or an asset ready to be collected for use elsewhere. Multiple messages can be set up using different button press patterns.

Chokepoint detection

The T2s Tag includes an embedded Low-Frequency (LF) receiver. When used in conjunction with Exciters, this provides instant notifications when passing through a gate, doorway or other tightly defined area (e.g. an unauthorised contractor entering a restricted area or workers in a hazardous environment reaching evacuation/mustering points).

Rugged performance

The T2s Tag passes STANLEY internal testing to IP-67 preventing dust ingress, and withstanding water immersion up to 1 metre (3 feet).

Easy tag management

T2s Tags are easily configured and activated, wirelessly, using the Tag Manager Application together with a Tag Activator or TED device, which are part of the Hardware Manager Kit.

Message programmability

The tag has programmable messages that can be transmitted wirelessly. For example, when the call button is pressed, the tag can send an emergency message along with the location.

Flexible mounting and usage options

T2s Tags are designed to be worn by workers using a belt clip or attached to assets using an asset cradle.

Tech Specs


CE and c TUVus (EN60950)


Outdoor range: Up to 200 metres (656 feet)
Indoor range: Up to 80 metres (262 feet)


26g (0.92oz)


45 x 31 x 18 mm (1.7 x 1.2 x 0.7 inch)