T12 Bi-Directional Asset Tag

The T12 Bi-directional Asset Tag is a component of our enterprise visibility solutions for locating assets in real time. The T12 Tag offers a flexible, scalable way to track assets across a wide variety of applications.

  • Locate assets in real time
  • Leverage standard Wi-Fi networks
  • Bi-directional communication for over-the-air updates
  • Tamper-proof
  • Optional call button
  • Rugged for industrial use

The battery-powered T12 Tag can be attached to a variety of assets such as maintenance equipment, assembly parts, or tools. Assets are accurately tracked in real-time, enabling you to reduce search times, control inventory, and carry out efficient preventive maintenance.

In addition, the T12 Tag can be used for entry/exit point detection, call-button alerting, and more.

Beaconing and Bi-directional Communication

Configuration and firmware upgrades can be applied “over the air” (via MobileView), minimising wasted time and effort. No need to manually collect, update and re-deploy tags in the field to apply changes. The T12 can operate with up to four different network SSIDs in a secure or non-secure mode and is able to store up to two network IPs. The tag also supports both static IP configuration and DHCP.

Visual identification

The T12 Tags include a dual-colour LED, which enables distinct visual indications for specific use cases, such as identifying a particular asset.

Tamper-Proof Mechanism

Plunger mechanism allows for proactive alerting when tag is detached from monitored equipment.

Configurable Call Button

The optional call button can be configured to trigger an event in MobileView, such as emergency alerting or par level events. MobileView events can be defined according to specific button press patterns (such as long press, short press and double press).

Chokepoint detection

Combined with Extronics Exciters, the T12 Tag provides instant notification when a tagged asset passes through an entry/exit point, such as a gate, doorway or other tightly defined area. Additionally, the tag’s behaviour can be automatically modified while passing through one of these chokepoint, such as activating or deactivating the tag, or changing the tag’s transmission rates to accommodate different usage scenarios.

Long battery life

The T12 Tag has a user replaceable battery that provides up to 3 years battery life, depending on configuration. The tag is able to report its battery level which is displayed in MobileView. The T12 Tag also has a motion sensor to conserve battery life when the tag is not in motion.

Flexible Mounting Options

Cradles, mini-cradles, and tape mounting options allow the tag to be attached to a wide variety of assets without hindering the tamper mechanism.