T15e Advanced Temperature Monitoring Tag

The T15e provides advanced temperature monitoring capabilities. The T15e tag uses a single probe to provide continuous measurement and data logging of refrigerators or freezers across the organisation. Continuously monitor a range of environmental conditions with open/closed contact sensors – for example, to generate alerts when a freezer door is left ajar – and connect to a variety of sensors and detectors, such as smoke detectors, flood detectors, and motion sensors.


  • Stores 64,000 Readings
  • Visual and Audible alarm for Temperature Out-of-range alerts
  • Programmable logging rate
  • Contact sensor for monitoring the status of refrigerator and freezer doors
  • Offline temperature monitoring during network failures

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Product Details

Large Display and Push Button functionality

The tag’s display shows the current temperature, the minimum and maximum temperatures measured since the last audit, battery and power status and alarm indications.

Stores up to 64,000 Records

The T15e tags on board memory can store up to 64,000 readings. The data can be monitored using MobileView.

Audible and Visual Indications

T15e Tags include a buzzer, with 4 different distinct sounds and 3 LEDs for status indications, such as tag activation, alerts and low battery.

Multi-purpose USB-C connector interface

The T15e tag has a 3 multi-purpose USB-C connector ports. Power, Temperature prob and Contact sensor inputs, can be attached to any of the 3 ports, and are automatically recognised by the tag.

Detachable Temperature Probe and Contact Sensor

The T15e tags are supplied with a 3-meter USB-C temperature probe cable for temperature monitoring, and a USB-C Contact Sensor cable for refrigerator and freezer door monitoring. The temperature probe also includes a 1-meter Teflon thin section for easy installation through a refrigerator or freezer door seal.

Manual audit with a single button

Remain compliant during audits, the T15e tag logs when a physical inspection has been performed and the main button on the tag has been pressed.

Battery and external power options

The tags are powered by 2AA batteries, which is the recommended power source, an optional power adaptor can be used to save battery life. Battery levels are constantly monitored by the device and MobileView. The tag will use external power whenever available (batteries are recommended as a backup if external power is used).

Wi-Fi & Cyber Security

The tag supports 802.1x Enterprise security networks with PEAP-MSCHAPv2 protocol. Additionally, they support a HTTPs connection with MobileView servers using the TLS1.2 protocol. This allows a MobileView server authentication using pre-installed X.503 certificates.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Communication

T15e tags use BLE technology to communicate with the Deployment manager (DM) app for device configuration and setup.

Beaconing and Bidirectional (BD) Communication

The tags utilize lightweight beaconing communication (for standard messages) and Bidirectional Wi-Fi communication with full network association and authentication. This unique combination provides a flexible and scalable solution for advanced applications. The tags can operate with one network SSID in a secure or non-secure mode and are able to store up to two application server connections. The T15e tags also support both static IP configuration and DHCP.

Programmable logging interval

Logging intervals can be programmed to 5,10,15,30 or 60 minute intervals using pre-configured static configurations.

Off-line temperature monitoring

The T15e can store data during network connectivity failures. Recorded data is then automatically synchronized with MobileView within 24 hours after normal network connectivity has resumed, or immediately by performing a manual sync from the tag. Off-line data is viewed via MobileView reports.

MobileView Alerts

Using MobileView, events can be configured to trigger alerts for specific situations, such as when the tag’s temperature is out of range, or a refrigerator door is left open for an extended period. Additionally, events can be configured to monitor the status of the tag’s battery level and probe errors.

Flexible mounting options

The tags external sensors, and convenient form factor allows for secure mounting on a variety of assets using the cradle provided.

Temperature use case: Refrigerated storage

T15e tag can monitor a refrigerator to ensure that valuable components are stored within specified temperature range. MobileView stores a full audit trail of the temperatures recorded by the T15 tags, which can be used to show compliance with regulatory bodies such as the FAA.

The T15e records the temperature at regular, scheduled intervals. Malfunctioning equipment can be identified early, before any assets are spoiled, and so reduce wastage.

Additionally, this automated process is more streamlined than manually recording temperatures, freeing up man hours for other critical work and improving efficiency.

Tech Specs


Transmission Power: Up to +19dBm (~81mW)
Patented clear channel sensing avoids interference with wireless networks


Outdoor Range: Up to 200m (650feet)
Indoor Range: Up to 80m (260 feet)


150g (5.3oz) with batteries


114 x 77 x 20.3mm (4.4 x 3 x 0.8inch)