T12s Bi-Directional Asset Tracking Tag

The T12s is a bi-directional asset tracking tag that provides flexible and scalable asset tracking across a wide variety of applications. The T12s feature motion sensing, egress point detection, and a call button. The battery powered T12s Tag can be attached to a variety of assets such as maintenance equipment, assembly parts, or tools. Assets are accurately tracked in real-time, enabling you to reduce search times, control inventory, and carry out efficient preventive maintenance.


  • Quick and simple battery replacement
  • Leverages standard Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Supports 802.1x Enterprise security (PEAPMSCHAPv2) and WPA2-PSK with AES encryption
  • Tamper-proof and rugged design

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Product Details

Ease of Maintenance

With bi-directional capabilities, configuration and firmware upgrades can be applied “over the air” from MobileView to simplify updates and remove the need for manual collection efforts in the field.

Simple and Long-Lasting Battery

The T12s Tag has a replaceable, commercially available battery that provides up to 2 years of battery life and is easily accessible by opening the battery door on the side of the tag.

Tech Specs


802.11 b/g compliant (2.4 GHz)
Low frequency receiver for chokepoint detection (125kHz)

Transmission Power: Up to +18dBm
Patented clear channel sensing avoids interference with wireless networks


Outdoor Range: Up to 200m (650feet)
Indoor Range: Up to 80m (260 feet)


33g (1.16oz) with batteries


44 x 34 x 20mm (1.7 x 1.3 x 0.78inch)