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  • Maintenance & Support

    To make sure you remain fully operational, we offer a Maintenance & Support Plan with every solution.

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  • Tag & Exciter Detector (TED)

    Tag & Exciter Detector (TED)

    Used to activate and configure tags wirelessly.

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  • EX5200 Tag exciter

    EX5200 Tag Exciter

    A tag exciter to manage tags at entry/exit areas, zone boundaries, and in other flow control situations.

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  • iANT214

    iANT214 Directional Wi-Fi Antenna

    A vertically polarised directional antenna that is ideal for point-to-point links.

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  • iRFID107 fixed UHF reader

    iRFID107 Fixed Zone 1/ Div 1 Universal RFID Reader Enclosure

    Fixed Zone 1 passive RFID tag reader. Use any RFID reader.

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  • EX5210R tag exciter

    EX5210R Rugged Outdoor Tag Exciter

    A low frequency tag exciter for use in outdoor environments.

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  • iANT215

    iANT215 Low Profile Omni-Directional Wi-Fi Antenna

    A low-profile surface mounted omni directional antenna.

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  • iTAG X30

    iTAG X30 Hazardous Areas Personnel Location Tag

    The iTAG X30 is Wi-Fi, GPS, LF, and BLE compatible – meaning all indoor and outdoor areas can be tracked in real time.

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  • iANT216

    iANT216 Dual Band Wi-Fi Antenna

    A rugged omni directional antenna with dual band functionality.

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