Tag & Exciter Detector (TED)

The Tag & Exciter Detector, or TED, is used to activate and configure tags wirelessly. It can be connected directly to a PC via the micro USB port and utilises the Tag Manager applications, part of the Hardware Manager kit for Extronics RTLS solutions.


  • Lightweight and handheld for flexible deployment
  • Wirelessly detects, activates, and configure stags
  • Variable LF range
  • Part of the Hardware Manager kit

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Product Details

Wireless operation

Using wireless technology, the TED can detect, activate, and configure up to 80 active RFID tags simultaneously.

LED indication

The TED has three multi-coloured LEDs to indicate the status and operation of the device, making it easy to use.

Tag battery monitoring

After a tag battery is replaced, use the TED to reset the tag battery counter to monitor the status accurately.

Configurable LF range

Vary the LF range of the TED from 0.5m (1.65ft) up to 2.5m (8.2ft) for maximum flexibility and efficiency.

Micro USB port

Enable quick, easy connection to a PC using the 1m micro USB cable provided.

Hardware Manager compatibility

TED uses the Tag Manager applications, part of the Hardware Manager Application, to perform specific tasks. Hardware Manager also includes a dedicated application for the TED device, which is used to view the status of the device, configure the LF range and update its firmware.