Case Study: Extronics iSOLATE Galvanic RF Isolation Technology Supports John Crane Sense®


There are maximum EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) levels allowed in hazardous areas. This affects the deployment of hazardous area wireless devices.

The risk is that RF induced in plant structures can act in the same way as an antenna, with the subsequent energy having the capacity to spark at ignition capable levels. To ensure real time data collection of the Sense® platform, John Crane needed an RF isolation solution as part of their hazardous area wireless gateway. The gateway communicates directly with the John Crane Sense® Turbo to offload data to the cloud and Sense® Apps.

Extronics iSOLATE technology offers OEMs’ a high quality and extremely competitive RF isolation solution. Providing intrinsically safe RF outputs, John Crane can deliver a wireless solution  compliant to IEC 60079 directives. Read the full use case below.