Whitepaper: Wireless Technology and Personnel Safety

Wireless technologies take personnel safety in the process industries to a new level.

In modern times the Process Industries have implemented many strategies to improve the operational safety of plants to protect personnel and the surrounding environment, to the extent that accidents are thankfully few and far between.

This white paper covers:


  • current methods of accounting for personnel
  • how that relates to muster points
  • potential risks

RFID technologies overview

  • passive RFID
  • assisted passive RFID
  • active RFID

Using RFID for a mustering application

  • the importance of read reliability
  • defining a mustering station
  • considering entry/exit into zones

After the muster: locating missing personnel

  • potential methods to locate a missing person
  • risks to the missing person and to the rescue team

Real Time Location principles

  • RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication)
  • TDOA (Time Difference On Arrival)

Real Time Location technologies

  • GPS
  • WLAN or Wi-Fi networks
  • UWB (Ultra Wide Band)
  • location accuracy
  • enhanced safety features and life signs monitoring