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Aegex and Extronics Passive RFID Use Case

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An industrial oilfield facility stores equipment used for drilling and other oilfield operations. Personnel must locate the correct items to be used on each job and continually track the inventory of those tools to maintain supply levels and expedite operations.

All inventory that is stored, moved, consumed, shipped or returned must be recorded in the company’s online inventory system as quickly as possible. Real-time reports are also needed to verify inventory accuracy. Regular inspections must be conducted to ensure safety and other compliance standards.

Personnel currently identify the correct pieces of equipment to be used by visually locating serial numbers or barcode numbers on the pieces and matching them to the paper-based orders. This manual process is time-consuming and prone to inaccuracies, resulting in decreased efficiency and repeat searches to swap out incorrect selections.

The use case shows how a customer can use the Aegex10 tablet and Extronics iRFID500 and iTAG500 range to streamline inventory and maintenance planning.

  • Be confident that you’re meeting regulations – all devices mentioned are hazardous area certified
  • Reduce paperwork and risk of human error
  • Improve productivity and efficiency

View Full Use Case