Whitepaper: Enhanced Worker Safety in Process Industry Environments

The safety of workers, whilst always important, is moving higher up the list of priorities for investment. Companies operating within the process industries are continually looking to ensure their workers are safe whilst making sure they are getting the most from their investments.

This whitepaper explores the growing need for a hybrid Real Time Location System for enhanced worker safety.

With variable physical environments and a range of operational challenges to overcome, it is unlikely that any one location technology ticks all your boxes. Hybrid RTLS is the only practical solution to the complexities of the use cases in the process industries. It involves using two or more location technologies as part of the same solution:

  • To deliver wider coverage with reduced infrastructure
  • To add greater accuracy
  • To provide additional functionality
  • To reduce total cost of ownership

A hybrid location solution can involve multiple devices but can also involve a purpose-built multi-technology device. One technology alone cannot solve the diverse nature of the use cases either economically, in a cost-effective way, or practically, addressing the different physical and technical requirements.