AeroScout in RFID Journal: Deere-Hitachi case study

October 22, 2014

AeroScout in RFID Journal: Deere-Hitachi case study

RFID Journal has published a case study from Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp., showing how they’re using AeroScout technology to track the assembly of construction machinery in their North Carolina facility.

Read the Deere-Hitachi case study on the RFID Journal website


The article covers:

  • the background and history of Deere-Hitachi Construction Machinery Corp.
  • why they were looking to implement an RTLS solution
  • the current methods of managing production
  • the solution requirements
  • details of the solution and how it works
  • the benefits gained by Deere-Hitachi


You can also read the RFID Journal article in pdf form on our website

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