Passive RFID Track and Trace Use Case

June 18, 2018

Passive RFID Track and Trace Use Case

An Oil & Gas customer wanted to streamline their turnaround process, and asked Extronics to help provide a track and trace system for their assets. Here’s a walkthrough of the passive RFID-based solution that helped them increase speed, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.



This solution uses the iRFID500 Bluetooth handheld passive RFID reader and the iRFID101 fixed RFID reader alongside the iTAG500 range of passive RFID tags. These products are all certified to be used in Zone 1 hazardous areas, so there was no concern about restricting the locations that the tools and components could enter. It also leverages wireless networking, such as that incorporating the iWAP107 universal Zone 1 access point enclosure system, to connect with the customer’s ERP system to manage assets quickly and easily.

This use case shows you how we build solutions to suit your application, and the benefits you could realise.

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