Customer stories: WIP Throughput

July 5, 2017

Customer stories: WIP Throughput

See the value that AeroScout WIP throughput solutions have brought to our industrial customers; increase scheduling accuracy, improve efficiency, and streamline production.



AeroScout WIP throughput solutions are deployed around the world; discover the who, where, what, why, and how with these examples.

Each customer story outlines the goals that the customer wanted to achieve, an overview of the solution they used, and the outcomes they experienced.



  • reduced search times with real-time visibility across their US and French sites
  • 20% reduction of breaker component tire loss
  • improved production efficiency and compliance in tire manufacturing


Freescale Semiconductor

  • lot box tracking improved processes by 82% at their Texas site
  • increased productivity and throughput by 6.8%
  • better customer satisfaction with 13% more on-time deliveries



  • real-time production visibility on Front Loader manufacturing line at US and UK sites
  • department-level track and trace to meet daily goals
  • bottleneck analysis for streamlining processes and increasing efficiency



  • Simplified complex routings and product processes
  • quick identification of correct pallets reduced manufacturing mistakes
  • reduced scrap wastage and ensuring production quality



  • eliminated fixture search time
  • reduced lead times across seven manufacturing areas at Osaka plant in Japan
  • real-time data and quick responses to enquiries improved customer satisfaction



  • removing bottlenecks that were slowing the distribution throughput at their Mexico site
  • increased traceability of parts and equipment
  • using Cisco Wi-Fi and incorporating some passive RFID elements



  • tracking engines across Mannheim site during remanufacturing process to avoid losses
  • improved on-time dleiveries and customer satisfaction
  • more predictable and consistent cycle times for more accurate scheduling


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