Customer stories: Outdoor Equipment Tracking

July 5, 2017

Customer stories: Outdoor Equipment Tracking

See the value that AeroScout outdoor equipment tracking solutions have brought to our industrial customers; get better visibility to optimise workflows.



AeroScout outdoor equipment tracking solutions are deployed around the world; discover the who, where, what, why, and how with these examples.

Each customer story outlines the goals that the customer wanted to achieve, an overview of the solution they used, and the outcomes they experienced.


Freeport McMoRan

  • vehicle lap time monitoring and miner safety at their Henderson site in Colorado
  • vehicle running time analysed for maintenance scheduling and operator validation
  • workers and visitors accounted for, including clearing blasting areas of personnel



  • reduced energy spend by tracking workers and vehicles by ventilation zone and running ventilation on demand
  • clear recording of miners entering and exiting the Sudbury, Canada, mine for worker safety compliance
  • measuring vehicle times between crusher and load stations for productivity



  • ventilation on demand to reduce expenditure at Eleonore mine in Canada
  • tracking of over 800 workers, more than 100 underground assets, and 100+ vehicles
  • full visibility of the underground operations


Grupo Ado

  • improved accuracy of bus entry/exit systems at 13 locations in Mexico
  • measurable Takt time at service centres, with alarms for at-risk delivery time
  • drivers can easily and quickly locate buses for reduced search times


API Veracruz

  • improved throughput by 20% for over 2000 trucks per day at Veracruz Seaport in Mexico
  • scalable platform for increased traffic int he future
  • drivers are notified when needed, reducing wait times


Gold Fields

  • reduced Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) at South Deep mine, South Africa
  • improved labour utilisation by reducing search times
  • location and performance reporting on vehicles in real time


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