Asset Tracking

Improve efficiency, reduce downtime, and save money.

An industrial site is made up of thousands of moving parts, people, and tools. When a vital component goes missing mid-manufacturing order, it causes a serious hold up in the process, which in turn has a knock-on effect that makes the entire system inefficient. In the current climate, operational productivity is key for the bottom line.

  • locate your assets in near real-time
  • optimise your decision-making
  • improve compliance and auditing
  • add security
  • streamline business processes

When equipment cannot be located, a group of people with imperfect situational knowledge must decide how long to search, and where, before giving up and sourcing a replacement – which takes additional time and costs more. How long is too long? Where should they look?

The answer depends on an endless, ever-changing set of factors: number of workers joining the hunt, percent of work complete, schedule elasticity, external pressures, idle tool time, downstream effects, total cost of lost productivity and so on. Input from concerned stakeholders could multiply that list several times in a matter of minutes.

The best answer, “for as little time as possible,” makes a useless rule. The best solution is Extronics Advance’s real-time visibility of every high-value asset, so you can locate your assets quickly and easily.

With Extronics Advance AeroScout solutions, you can get accurate, up-to-the-moment location and status information from the MobileView software with a quick search from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. With an historic location trail giving precise details about the route each asset took to get where it is, planners and operators can optimise paths for efficiency and streamline unnecessarily complicated processes.

How Asset Tracking solutions work

AeroScout active RFID tags are placed on every high-value asset, such as WIP carriers, portable storage racks or bins, mobile equipment and vehicles. The tags provide asset visibility by sending regular, short bursts of data over the Wi-Fi network transmitting the location, status, and condition of the asset. Manufactures use the MobileView software on workstations or mobile devices to direct workers searching for assets. This automated process can cut average search-time to less than 1 minute.

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