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Putting your location data on the map 

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The Extronics Location Engine (ELE) software takes your location data to provide a “dot on a map” for visualisation platforms. An efficient and highly configurable middleware engine with an open access REST API and WebSocket’s for flexible integration with front-end applications.

Open API

An open API means you can integrate directly into your choice of frontend platform or use the proven Mobileview visibility platform.

Maps and Zones

Upload multiple sites maps or use dynamic maps with Google Maps integration. Setup hybrid zones to improve location accuracy.

Tag Location

Gather tag data from various connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi, LoRa, Cellular or Bluetooth to suit your infrastructure requirements. 

Hybrid RTLS

Use alongside the Extronics iTAG X-Range hybrid tags and iTAG XB Wirepas/ BLE tags. 

Simple Configuration 

Easily configure your site location technology with the ELE mobile App. 

BLE Thresholds

Define individual BLE anchor thresholds for enhanced positioning. 

The ELE is designed to support Extronics hybrid RTLS (Real Time Location Systems) and Wirepas location tracking solutions. Developed with hazardous area location tracking in mind, the ELE provides a truly flexible system that easily integrates with your existing digitalisation strategy.

Not only does this reduce the infrastructure requirements you need by offering a choice of wireless connectivity technologies, but it also gives you the flexibility to integrate your location data directly into your front-end visualisation or business intelligence platform of choice. 

More Information About the Extronics Location Engine

Uploading Site Maps 

Upload multiple site maps and use pins to provide local coordinates or convert to GPS (Global Positioning) coordinates to ensure accurate map positioning. Users can also make use of dynamic maps using Google Maps to configure their location sources.


Easily Configure Your Site 

Configuring your site location technology is easy, with desktop or a mobile App option available as standard. Positioning location sources onto your site map is made easy with the site mapping functionality.

Setup Hybrid Zones

The Zone functions make it easy to setup hybrid zones or muster zones on your site. Simply select the type of zone you wish to create and then draw the zone using the handy drag & draw functionality or polygon shape tool directly onto you map.

Enable Live Data

View all active tags or individual tags on your site and their movements in real-time to help with your site configuration during setup and to further optimise your location tracking as your site evolves.

Alert History

View historical alerts sent by the tag to the ELE, with alert type and time stamp information available to access. 


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