Worker Safety & Contractor Tracking

Safeguard workers, track contractors, and increase accountability.

Inefficiency and risk often stem from a lack of knowledge. Extronics Advance solutions provide real-time information about the location of workers, as well as data on their wellbeing, to give you the knowledge you need to make the right decisions in a timely manner.

  • optimise your decision-making
  • respond to emergencies more effectively
  • improve safety
  • reduce human error
  • increase accountability and compliance
  • add security

Industrial Worker Safety RTLS

The men and women working in refineries, chemical plants, inland drilling and extraction sites, mines, offshore rigs, and other industrial plants perform in demanding, high-risk environments. Contractors and visitors are often unaware of security procedures or hazards require extra attention.

Knowing who’s on site and where they are is extremely important, but many companies rely on inefficient manual check-in or inaccurate self-scanning procedures. During evacuations, whether real or the mandated drills, muster captains commonly use a clipboard and walkie-talkie to count personnel and work out if everyone has reached a safe zone. This wastes time, and in the chaos of a true emergency could mean tragic consequences.

Extronics Advance offers a comprehensive worker safety solution with several key applications with one common, very important component; real-time visibility. It’s easy to see where workers are now, and where they’ve been over a historical period, enabling you to analyse workflows and discover opportunities to improve productivity. Using an Extronics Advance solution to minimise risk to workers ensures you’re following industry best practices, whilst potentially saving you costs by enhancing efficiency.

In an emergency scenario, personnel are mustered a specific gathering points where the Evacuation Monitoring applications automatically monitors which workers have reached safety as they arrive – and can also detect if a worker should leave the muster point. Quickly identify non-mustered workers and send help directly to their current location to speed up response times as well as reducing the risk to rescue parties. Additionally, the Evacuation Monitoring solution can reduce evacuation drill times by up to  50%, which saves hundreds of man-hours per year in drills.

You can also use a worker location solution to track contractors across your site, giving you added visibility, accountability, and increased security.


How Worker Safety solutions work

Each person is assigned an AeroScout active RFID tag. Tags can also be attached to emergency response vehicles and critical safety equipment, such as medical supplies and first aid kits, so they can be easily located when they’re needed. The tags send regular, short bursts over the Wi-Fi network containing location, status, and condition information. Worker safety tags include a call button and a no-motion indicator that can trigger a distress signal. Exciters create choke points around muster points, entrances/exits, stairways, and corridors to detect workers nearby. The MobileView software platform combines this information into an intuitive display that offers the control room real-time, full visibility of the situation both in normal and emergency operations.

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Use cases

Real-time personnel location

Find workers throughout a site in real time

Take a look at the Real Time Worker Location use case


Automatic mustering and evacuation monitoring

Quickly identify safe and missing workers with minimal risk of human error

Check out the Automatic Mustering and Evacuation Monitoring use case


Critical area management

Remotely monitor access to sensitive areas and detect anyone in danger


Managing safety equipment

Easily monitor numbers of necessary safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers or breathing appratus, and check their whereabouts remotely


Checking status of mustering points

Ensure that muster points are not compromised by safety breaches, sure as a fire, using temperature monitoring tags


Mass site evacuation

No need for personnel to swipe out, tap a reader, or use narrow gateways; the scalable, wide read range of tag exciters can be configured to cover a large area such as a main gate, making evacuation quicker, easier, and reducing bottlenecks


Customer stories

Don’t just take our word for it – see the benefits our customers have experienced, and the value they’ve gained from our worker safety solutions.

Worker safety customer stories

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