Social Distancing & Contact Tracing For the Process Industries

iTAG X30

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Social distancing and contact tracing has become a priority for all businesses who operate in the process industries. At Extronics, we have always had worker safety at the core of everything we design and build.


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Social Distancing

Proximity alerts ensure all personnel maintain a safe working distance. When two or more personnel become too close to one another, audible, LED, and vibration alerts activate to warn the individuals of their distance.


Contact Tracing

Extronics Location Selector (ELS) software allows you to act quickly and minimise downtime. Run reports to see who an infected individual has been in contact with and for how long to identify personnel at the highest risk.


Identify Hot Zones for Cleaning

MobileView allows you to pull reports on the location of workers to plan cleaning schedules and ensure areas are sanitised regularly.

Hazardous Area Certified

Extronics contact tracing & social distancing solution is offered as part of the existing iTAG X30 hybrid location tag. Certified to ATEX, IECEX and North American standards for hazardous areas, iTAG X30 offers site wide visibility.

How Does it Work?

iTAG X30

Each personnel member wears an iTAG X30 hybrid location tag during their working hours.

Proximity Alerts

The tag uses the built in BLE technology to determine proximity to another tag. Visual, audible and vibration alerts will be triggered when two or more people wearing tags become too close. Alerts pause allowing corrective action. If individuals move away alerts cease.

Two Metre Accuracy

The signal strength between the tags has a configured threshold of two metres achieved by measuring the RRSI values between the tags. If two or more tags come within the two-metre threshold for more that five seconds an encounter is logged.

Contact Tracing Reports

Encounters are offloaded via Wi-Fi at regular intervals and stored on the ELS. Contact tracing reports can be generated from Extronics Location Selector (ELS) software to trace those who have been in close proximity of anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Quick Pass

Protect against false positives with built in quick pass feature.

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