Condition Monitoring

Improve compliance, easier auditing, and better analysis.

Wireless monitoring of environmental fluctuations with alerting capabilities is now a reality. Accurately monitoring temperature, voltage, and/or humidity protects valuable assets from adverse conditions and vastly improves operations, quality, and regulatory compliance.

  • monitor in real-time
  • receive alerts if parameters are exceeded
  • benefit from comprehensive audit trail reports
  • protect assets from environmental damage
  • improve reporting and analysis
How Condition Monitoring solutions work

We provide temperature and condition monitoring by placing an active RFID tag on each asset to be monitored. Multiple sensors are available, depending on the variable you would like to monitor – such as temperature, humidity, or voltage. The tags provide asset status updates by sending regular, short bursts of data over the Wi-Fi network. Customers use the MobileView software on workstations or mobile devices to display up-to-date information about assets. This means they can act quickly if conditions exceed normal parameters to prevent damage to assets and ensure ongoing productivity.

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Use cases


Ensuring correct temperature levels can be critical for many manufacturing companies. For example, in Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturing, tags can be used on pallets and in cooling tunnels where temperature conditions must be maintained.


Maintaining proper environmental conditions during the storage and transportation of perishable inventory (such as pharmaceutical products) is critical for the quality delivery of those goods. AeroScout T5 Sensor Tags provide cost-effective wireless monitoring for warehouses, and even trucks on the road, to measure against thresholds and deliver automated alerts and reports.

Data Centres

For areas with a large amount of computing hardware such as data centres and server rooms, T5 Tags can remotely monitor temperatures in the event of air conditioning failure or general overheating. Accurate and timely monitoring can prevent work disruptions and protect against equipment damage.


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