TGUARD Tag Protector

Suitable for use in hazardous areas, the TGUARD Tag Protector Range is designed to add durability and flexible mounting options to iTAG100 and T2 Wi-Fi RFID tags.

  • Prevents accidental call button activation
  • Quick call button access in an emergency, even when wearing gloves
  • Added tag protection
  • Easy to fit
  • Variety of mounting options
  • Suitable for use with AeroScout T2 & Extronics iTAG100
Prevent accidental call button presses

The TGUARD Tag Protector range is a series of silicon tag cases with optional call button covers, designed to prevent workers accidentally pressing the emergency call button.

Quick emergency access

The button cover has a specially designed hinged tab so that it can be easily removed in case of emergency. Even workers wearing thick protective gloves can quickly call for help when it’s needed.

Reusable, optional call button cover

The cover can be reinserted easily once the call button is no longer needed, so there is no requirement to buy a new cover for each incident. The TGUARD-LX and TGUARD-CX variants are available without call button covers, should this better suit your application.

Variety of mounting options

The TGUARD Tag Protector adds a variety of mounting options to those available with the tag itself. The TGUARD variant is fitted with a keyring for ease of attachment to worker equipment, whilst accessory lanyards and arm straps are also available. The TGUARD-L/LX variant features a reinforced backplate that attaches to the tag, with an inbuilt lanyard loop. The TGUARD-C/CX variant also offers this reinforced backplate, alongside a metal clip with integrated ring mounting option.

Add extra protection

The TGUARD Tag Protector range’s silicon casing also provides an extra layer of protection for tags being used in harsh environments. The TGUARD-L/LX and TGUARD-C/CX variants are ideal for heavier industrial usage, with their reinforced backplates, whilst the TGUARD variant offers a slimmer profile for lighter industrial applications.

Hazardous Area compliant

As the TGUARD Tag Protector range is designed to work with the intrinsically safe iTAG100 RFID tag, as well as the non-certified T2 RFID tag, it is fully compliant with the standards for hazardous areas as defined by IEC BS EN 60079-0.