iTAG100 Intrinsically Safe Wi-Fi RFID Tag

The iTAG100 is an intrinsically safe version of the market’s leading Wi-Fi Tag, the T2. The iTAG100 is a small, long-life Wi-Fi based Active RFID device that can be placed on any person or asset, allowing the Extronics system to locate personnel and assets that are not Wi-Fi enabled.

  • Real-time location of assets and personnel
  • Leverages standard Wi-Fi infrastructure for lower cost and easier deployment
  • ATEX and IECEx certified, intrinsically safe
  • US certified (FM approved)
  • US Mine Safety & Health Administration approved
  • Canada certified (MET approved)

Extronics Advance delivers real-time location, auto-identification, wireless sensing and telemetry technologies to automate business processes and deliver context-aware applications. Our Real-Time Visibility solutions go beyond standalone RFID applications, RTLS and sensor solutions by unifying all enterprise visibility data on a single Wi-Fi-based platform.  This can be based on your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, adding ROI and functionality to your current set-up. The iTAG100 has proven usability, dependability, and scalability, as well as flexibility to enable a wide variety of valuable applications for many industries to streamline business processes and improve operational efficiency.

Locate assets in real-time

These small, rugged, battery-powered tags can be attached to people and to a variety of equipment, such as medical devices, containers, manufacturing equipment and retail shopping carts. In addition, the Extronics system can locate standard Wi-Fi clients such as laptops, PDAs and barcode scanners, without the need to tag these assets or introduce client software.

Sophisticated software platform

The system utilises the advanced MobileView software platform, which enables developers to leverage positioning data from iTAG100 Tags and other devices for enhanced business management tasks.

Emergency Call Button

Give workers the means to quickly call for help in an emergency situation, simply by pressing their tag’s call button. Send rescue teams when they’re needed, where they’re needed to keep workers safe and minimise damage. You can also use the call button for alternative scenarios such as asset management – replenishing parts on demand, for example – as you can define what you want to happen when the button is pressed.

Access Control option

The Enhanced iTAG100 with Access Control also features a MIFARE DESFire EV1 high frequency (HF) RFID chip that fully complies with the requirements for fast and secure data transmission, flexible memory organization, and interoperability with existing infrastructure. This integrated access control RFID allows secure access onto site whilst also providing a complete ID solution.

High accuracy and chokepoint detection

Multiple methods are used to determine accurate location, and when combined with Extronics Advance Exciters, the iTAG100 provides instant notification when a tagged asset or person passes through a gate, doorway or other tightly-defined area. Tag behaviour can also be automatically modified when passing through a chokepoint, such as activating/deactivating tags, or changing transmission rates to accommodate different usage scenarios.

Indoor and outdoor operation

Seamlessly transfer from locating assets in indoor, outdoor, and mixed environments from corporate offices to industrial areas.

Flexible Mounting and Usage Options

The iTAG100 enables the wire-less network infrastructure to locate any asset or person. The Tag’s small size and weight and convenient form allow mounting even on very small or oddly-shaped assets. The Tag is supplied with a multifunctional attachment plate that supports a variety of mounting options, including wrist straps, safety pins to attach to clothing or belt/pocket clips. Other industry-specific mounting accessories are available.

Long Battery Life

A powerful, replaceable battery provides up to 4 years of battery life. The Tag provides a report on the battery level for timely replacement. The iTAG100 can also be automatically activated or deactivated for conserving battery power.

Tag Management

The iTAG100 can be pro­grammed via a wireless interface. The Tag Manager software allows for easy and efficient tag configuration, activation or deactivation and programming. The Tag Activator enables wireless batch programming of up to 50 tags at the same time.

Compatibility and Non-Interference

iTAG100s are 802.11 compatible. The Tag’s channel sensing techniques avoid interference with Wi-Fi networks. The use of the 2.4GHz frequency band at low power levels ensures no interference with other wireless equipment, making Extronics Tags safe for use with such sensitive equipment as medical devices in a hospital.

Tag Programmability and Storage

The iTAG100 can store up to 10 messages of 10 bytes each. These messages can either be pre-programmed by the Tag Manager software or programmed on the fly by an Extronics Exciter when a tag is in proximity.

Telemetry Functionality

Extronics Tags include a serial interface that enables data retrieval from host devices. The tags can be configured to retrieve data such as mileage, fuel, and temperature from the host periodically, and to send that data wirelessly in addition to the location messages.

Advanced Features and Functionality

Using the Extronics Exciter, tag behaviour can be automatically modified as the tag passes through a choke point such as a doorway or gate. This includes turning tags on/off to conserve battery life, or changing tag transmission rates. In addition, a tamperproof housing upgrade prevents removal and ensures integrity of the device.