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  • iTAG X30

    Evaluation Development Kit

    Evaluation Development Kit (EDK) allows you to evaluate the Extronics Real Time Location System (RTLS).

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  • EX3220

    EX3220 Tag Exciter

    An LF RFID tag exciter for RTLS deployments. 

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  • Tag & Exciter Detector (TED)

    Hardware Manager

    A tool to simplify the installation and configuration of various Extronics RTLS products.

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  • iTAG X20

    iTAG X10 Worker Location Tag

    iTAG X10 is ideal for customers looking to deploy a simple and cost-effective Wi-Fi based worker location tracking solution.

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  • iTAG XB tags

    iTAG XB10 Intrinsically Safe BLE, Wirepas, Quuppa Tag

    A range of intrinsically safe hazardous area BLE tag for asset and personnel management.

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  • iTAGXB20 personnel tag

    iTAG XB20 Intrinsically Safe BLE, Wirepas, Quuppa Badge Tag

    A range of intrinsically safe BLE personnel badge tags.

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  • iTAGXB30 asset tag

    iTAG XB30 Intrinsically Safe BLE Asset Tag

    An intrinsically safe BLE asset tag.

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  • iTAGXB40 BLE anchor

    iTAG XB40 Intrinsically Safe BLE, Wirepas and Quuppa Anchor

    An Intrinsically safe BLE, Wirepas and Quuppa tag for tracking large assets or as a location anchor for BLE based RTLS.

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  • MobileView visibility platform

    MobileView Enterprise RTLS Visibility Software

    Track, locate, monitor, and manage your assets and personnel from a single platform.

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