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Northern Light Technologies

Northern Light Technologies (NLT) is a technology company that focuses on improving the safety, security, and productivity of underground environments. Founded in 1984, NLT designs and manufactures underground lighting and communications solutions for the mining and tunnelling industries with manufacturing/assembly locations in Canada, Australia and Chile.

NLT Mining Networks™ offers a holistic approach to underground communications. It is based on open standards using Wi-Fi protocol and wireless communication technologies to enable a fully connected mine. A connected mine is a safer, more efficient mine. The NLT network and corresponding software solution supports a rich suite of applications, including personnel and equipment tracking, two-way voice and text communication, traffic management, atmospheric monitoring, video and real time data acquisition.

Northern Light® cap lamp systems are designed for maximum durability and comfort, while offering integrated radio-lighting and power-take-off systems as well as RFID and Wi-Fi tracking tag options, incorporating the Extronics RTLS.



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