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Increased process complexity calls for smart, simple IoT-based solutions. As a global leader in designing, manufacturing & supplying passive high performance RFID tags, Omni-ID delivers the hardware and know-how to get you started — and always keep you one step ahead.

Omni-ID is driving the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in IT, manufacturing and industry. Designed with business critical processes in mind, we establish reliable, connected environments where end-to-end asset management, in-process visibility and real-time control, right down to the individual asset level is now a cost-effective reality.

Known for consistently setting industry standards, Omni-ID is the original inventor and patent-holder of the on-metal passive RFID tag.

Take a look at the iTAG500 passive UHF tag range to get Omni ID’s pioneering technology that’s certified as safe to use in hazardous areas.