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Access Technology Group – VISICS

The Access Technology Group is an innovative Dutch company located in the centre of The Netherlands. As they sensed an increased demand in mobile solutions, especially in heavy industries with a need for increased safety levels at lower costs, we developed VISICS – the innovative and mobile solution for safe and efficient maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns. The first generation VISICS was launched in 2007. Since then ATG focused more and more on this specific industrial application (Mobile Shutdown System BV), which resulted in a mobile high-tech solution providing on demand state-of-the-art observation, registration and communication techniques. And the innovation continues.

VISICS provides enhanced safety and efficiency for maintenance turnarounds and shutdowns. It includes digital confined space monitoring, remote gas detection, access control, and tracking people and assets. VISICS incorporates the Extronics RTLS for real-time information to support these solutions.



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