AeroScout in Action – Suncor’s 2016 emergency evacuation


In 2016, Extronics partnered with Accenture to deliver an AeroScout worker location solution for Suncor Energy’s site near Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada.

What we didn’t expect was for it to be put into action on such a large scale; the encroaching wildfires in the area meant that all workers had to be evacuated quickly and safely.

Each worker was equipped with an iTAG100 intrinsically safe Wi-Fi active RFID tag with a call button, so workers could request help in an emergency situation. Each tag was also protected by a TGUARD tag protector.

Using the AeroScout system, every worker could be located in real-time and shown clearly in the MobileView software. It was easy to see when everyone had been evacuated, making the process more efficient and reducing the potential for human error.

Read more about Suncor’s experience in this article from JWN Energy at

JWN Energy Suncor evacuation article

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