Outdoor Equipment Tracking

Get better visibility to optimise workflows.

  • keep track of a large number of assets
  • monitor entry and exit remotely
  • see usage over time to understand demand levels
  • identify blockages to streamline processes

Outdoor operations – such as shipping, airports, seaports, storage yards and manufacturing sites with large outdoor activity – present unique equipment tracking and visibility challenges. With constant stop-and-go activity of diverse vehicles, equipment and carriers in an extensive but often crowded space, losing track of critical assets is a costly problem.

The Extronics Advance Outdoor Equipment Tracking solution provides real-time location and visibility specifically for low-density wireless coverage areas. With accurate tracking of vehicles, equipment and inventory, control personnel make fast, informed decisions that keep operations moving efficiently. Additionally, security can tighten entry and exit controls through lift-gate integration, and track vehicles as they move around or park on the site. By monitoring vehicle usage reports and traffic dynamics over time, operations can ensure that equipment levels always match needs, and gain insights to improve workflow procedures.

How Outdoor Equipment Tracking solutions work

The solution incorporates an active RFID tag either affixed to a vehicle or piece of equipment, or loaned to a driver while on site. Tags are built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and include a long-lasting internal battery. The tags send location data in regular, short bursts over the Wi-Fi network. Using the MobileView software from a control room or mobile device, workers and dispatchers visualise the location and status on a site map. This real-time visibility can improve operational efficiency and offer insights to optimise outdoor inventory management.

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