Ultra High Frequency Passive RFID

Easily identify and manage your assets in hazardous areas 

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Extronics offers a comprehensive range of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) asset management products certified for use in hazardous areas as part of our advanced AutoID solution set. With our UHF RFID technology, you can easily identify and track your assets in hazardous areas and harsh industrial environments.


Easy to install

Designed to meet the most challenging of environments, the iTAG500 passive range comprises a wide variety of tags, each with different attributes suitable for a wide variety of hazardous area applications.

Extremely Rugged Design …………

All passive UHF tags in the range are rated to IP68 with most the durable tags in the range offering an operating temperature of -40°C to +85°C.

Leading Performance

Developed in partnership with HID Global, the range utilises the patented plasmonic structure which produces market leading performance to ensure you can always find your assets quickly.


Managing assets in harsh or hazardous areas requires robust solutions that can withstand challenging environments. Extronics UHF RFID solutions offer a range of rugged and intrinsically safe passive UHF tags, along with UHF reader options that deliver industry-leading performance and reliability.

Our UHF passive tags and readers provide a cost-effective and efficient solution to improve operational efficiency. Whether you need to monitor assets in the petrochemical industry or other industrial sectors, our UHF RFID technology ensures accurate and reliable asset tracking.

iTAG500 passive RFID tag range.

Intrinsically Safe UHF Tags

The iTAG500 range of intrinsically safe passive UHF RFID tags represent a breakthrough in asset tracking for hazardous areas. Available in a variety of form factors to suit every use case.

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iRFID107 fixed UHF reader

Fixed RFID Reader

The Extronics iRFID107 brings yourchoice of UHF RFID reader to hazardous areas, enabling reliable tracking solutions to be implemented in Zone 1 and 21 environments. Use with passive RFID tags, like the extensive iTAG500 range from Extronics, to identify assets across the site, improving traceability and efficiency.

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iRFID500 handheld passive UHF tag reader.

Handheld Passive UHF Tag Reader

The iRFID500 is designed to improve business processes like tracking assets such as drill pipes or tools, monitoring maintenance tasks and planning, as well as demonstrating regulatory compliance. Bluetooth connectivity makes data transfer between devices even easier on the go.

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How it works 

UHF offers customers operating in harsh and hazardous environments the option to read multiple assets over larger read ranges compared to LF (Low Frequency) or HF (High Frequency) options. The use case and site will vary the overall configuration of your system, but in general a UHF passive RFID asset management system works by combining three key components

Proven Technology 

The iTAG500 range of intrinsically safe, passive UHF RFID tags represents a breakthrough in asset tracking for hazardous areas. Developed in partnership with HID Global, the range utilises the unique patented plasmonic structure which produces market leading performance in areas where there is a high concentration of metallic surfaces. 


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