AeroScout case study – Arnold Clark vehicle tracking

January 4, 2010

AeroScout case study – Arnold Clark vehicle tracking

Europe’s largest independent auto dealer utilises AeroScout Vehicle Tracking and Management to increase productivity and enhance customer experience.


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Case study overview

Arnold Clark Automobiles operates 145 dealerships across the UK and sells over 200,000 vehicles every year. They’ve built their success on operational efficiency and offering a great customer experience.

Their flagship store in Stafford has over 1,000 vehicles across a large 12 acre lot and 74,000 square foot showroom, with over 200 employees. Physically searching for cars matching a customer’s requirements could take a while – and no customer wants to wait for long.

As well as streamlining the search process, Arnold Clark wanted to improve their manual inventory counts for accounting purposes and combat the potential for inventory loss.

Arnold Clark’s longtime partner, Boston Networks, recommended AeroScout technology because it worked with a Cisco Wi-Fi network and showed a proven track record.


Customer requirements

  • Seamlessly track both indoors and outdoors
  • Accurately manage the full inventory of vehicles in real-time
  • Create alerts based on vehicle movement or exit/entry
  • Integrate with existing systems for inventory tracking and searches based on make, model, colour and other characteristics
  • Easy installation with minimal infrastructure requirements


Solution highlights

  • vehicle-mounted AeroScout Wi-Fi RFID tags
  • Cisco MSE working alongside AeroScout Location Engine
  • Using the Wi-Fi network to locate inventory
  • Chokepoint detection at entrances and exits with AeroScout exciters
  • Integrated with their existing inventory management software


Solution benefits

  • Improved sales and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced time for inventory management
  • Heightened labour productivity
  • Lowered risk of vehicle shrinkage and theft


Take a look at the case study for more details

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