T2-EB Extended Battery Wi-Fi Active RFID Tag

The T2-EB is a robust tag specifically created for industrial use. Its streamlined design can endure high levels of rugged usage, whilst the exceptional battery life means that tags can remain in the field for extended periods of time. The T2-EB Tag has proven usability, dependability, and scalability, as well as flexibility to enable a wide variety of valuable applications for many industries to streamline business processes and improve operational efficiency. 


  • Real-time location of assets and personnel
  • Leverages standard Wi-Fi infrastructure
  • Up to 8 years of battery life
  • Vast range of functionality
  • Suitable for wide variety of industries and environments

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Product Details

Long battery life

A single, replaceable battery provides more than five years of battery life. Extronics Advance tags provide battery level reports to facilitate timely replacement and have motion-sensor capabilities to conserve battery life when the tag is stationary.

Rugged performance

The T2-EB is made to handle high levels of wear and tear associated with industrial environments like manufacturing halls and outdoor yards. The construction material and form-factor are structured for shock absorption, including a soft sponge layer for added durability. The tag’s enclosure is protected against dust ingress and is water resistant. It has also been subjected to a full array of tests, including hard impact shocks, continuous vibration at multiple levels, and free-fall drops of up to two metres to ensure consistent high performance.

Chokepoint detection capabilities

In combination with Extronics Advance exciters, the T2-EB can provide instant notification when a tagged asset passes through a gate, doorway, or other tightly defined area. Tag behaviour can also be modified at these chokepoints, such as activating or deactivating tags, or changing transmission rates to accommodate different usage scenarios.

Tag management

The T2-EB can be easily configured and activated wirelessly, using Extronics Advance’s tag management suite. This includes a tag activator device and tag management software.

Motion sensing

The T2-EB contains an on-board motion sensor, which can be configured to trigger alerts. It can also enable different transmission intervals for tags that are moving or stationary, reducing unnecessary network traffic and conserving battery life.

Programmability and storage

Up to 10 messages of 10 bytes each can be programmed into the T2-EB via Extronics Advance’s tag management suite, or on-the-go by an Extronics Advance exciter if the tag is in proximity. These messages can be transmitted and received wirelessly.

Wi-Fi compatibility

Extronics Advance tags can be used with standard wireless network infrastructure, keeping costs down and making deployments faster and simpler. This can also add to the ROI of existing Wi-Fi instalment. The T2-EB utilises a unique beaconing system that keeps network impact low and ensures scalability and long battery life.

Flexible mounting and usage options

The T2-EB comes in a convenient form with two flanges and a flat back, allowing mounting on a variety of assets using screws or tie wraps.

Tech Specs

Radio Certification

FCC Part 15, sub part C class B, sub part B
EN 300-328, EN300-330, EN301-489


Outdoor range: Up to 200 metres (656 feet)
Indoor range: Up to 80 metres (262 feet)


85g (3oz)


85 x 59 x 19 mm (3.35 x 2.32 x 0.75in)
113 mm (4.45in) length with flanges