RFID Journal article: Enhanced iTAG100 with access control

When an Oil & Gas customer in Southeast Asia contacted us and requested a worker safety and accountability solution that would integrate with their existing access control system, we sprang into action. We’ve developed an enhanced version of our proven iTAG100 RFID tag that includes photo ID and EV1 access control capability, as per our customer’s request. They also want to wear the tags in a way that suited their workers, so we created the next generation edition of our TGUARD tag protector to meet their requirements.

We announced last month that we had secured the project. Now, RFID Journal has delved into some of the project’s detail with this article, based on an interview with our CEO, John Hartley.

Read the article on the RFID Journal website: Hybrid RFID Tag Links Worker Safety to Access Control

RFID Journal article: Enhanced iTAG100 with access control


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