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Extronics nominated for HazardEx Awards: we need your vote!

We’re delighted to announce that Extronics has been nominated for the Best Customer Service award at the HazardEx 2018 Awards for Excellence. We’d be grateful for your support, as it’s your vote that will determine the winner.

To vote, please email events@imlgroup.co.uk, and include “HazardEx awards: I vote for Extronics” in your message before 28th January 2018.

HazardEx has been providing the global hazardous area industry with news, market intelligence, and educational information since 2002. Over the last decade, the Hazardex Awards programme has become a benchmark for those supplying products, services, and systems within hazardous areas.

The HazardEx 2018 Awards will be presented at the Hazardex International Conference and Exhibition, which will be held in Cheshire, UK, on 28th February 2018. Extronics has exhibited at this event in both 2016 and 2017, when our COO Phil Walker also presented a well-received case study on using RTLS technology to improve worker safety and efficiency.

Customer Care is one of our core values, and doing the right thing by our customers is a belief on which John Hartley founded this company. It’s something we’re particularly reflecting on in this, our 25th year in business, and we strive to keep improving.

When our customers are in a pinch, we’re here to find a way through. Whether that’s a tight manufacturing schedule to meet an accelerated timeline, reacting quickly to changing requirements, or simply being there on the phone to give advice when it’s needed, our customer is king.

What do our customers say?

The most important thing to me when placing an order is that my requirements are met and the company goes the extra mile to supply what I want – that’s why I’d use Extronics again

Matt Carpenter, Brammer UK Ltd

This was my first order with Extronics, and I choose them as their products looked the best from my searches. They were quick, efficient, and I was really impressed by the customer service. I’d buy from them again

George Stratinakis, Purchasing, Spring Marine Management SA

I chose to use Extronics based on their reputation, and I was very impressed with the service. I’d definitely use them again

Euan Miller, Senior Engineer, Fugro GEOS Ltd

You can see more testimonials from our customers on our homepage.


How you can help

The winner of the Customer Service award will be decided by your vote, and we’d love you to vote for us!

See all nominees for Best Customer Service

To vote, please email events@imlgroup.co.uk, and include “HazardEx awards: I vote for Extronics” in your message before 28th January 2018.


Thank you, we appreciate your support.

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