New iWAP107 – Bringing WiFi efficiency to hazardous areas


Extronics today announced the launch of the iWAP107, the latest in the iWAP series of ATEX and IECEx approved access point enclosure systems.

Offshore Technology Show – Houston, TX. 8th May 2014.

The new iWAP107 brings the advantages of MIMO technology to hazardous process areas. This allows the latest MIMO Access Points from market leaders such as Cisco and Aruba to be cost-effectively deployed; significantly improving Wi-Fi performance and reliability.

The iWAP107 also comes with the revolutionary iSOLATE500 RF galvanic isolators, which makes all the RF outputs protected by intrinsic safety. This enables high performance, low-cost standard antennas to be used which greatly improves coverage per unit. Additionally, this feature allows conventional wiring of RF connections and dramatically reduces both install and maintenance times. Designed for use in ATEX and IECEx Zone 1 hazardous areas, the iWAP107 is the perfect system to allow data to be unlocked from process areas such as oil rigs and heavy petro-chemical sites.

Extronics have long been pioneers in developing wireless solutions specifically for hazardous process areas and the iWAP107 is the latest in a product line going back to 2005. “The iWAP107 is a major leap forward in Hazardous area Wi-Fi deployment” said John Hartley, M.D. Extronics. “We believe the combination of performance enhancement and ease of install provides customers with far simpler and more cost-effective Wi-Fi deployments.”


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