New Employee Forum

We’re passionate about developing and engaging with our people; teamwork is one of our core values. These aren’t just words on a wall, they have been ingrained in our ethos for the last 25 years.

We want Extronics to be a great place to be. That can only be achieved through open communication, so we have a variety of channels to collect the ideas, opinions, and feedback of the people that work here.

To add to those channels, we’ve recently launched our new Employee Forum.

Employee forum membersThe Employee Forum is made up of volunteers from across the business, to ensure that all departments are represented. They meet on a regular basis to discuss the views and opinions of our people, and cover a wide range of topics from entertainment through to policy development and consultation.

Those representatives are:

  • Andrew Stanton, Finance
  • Jason Poynton, Production
  • Joanne Jones, Sales
  • Meenal Burrows, Engineering & Development
  • Pete Mellor, Production
  • Rachel Saunders, HR
  • Sam Hartley, Marketing
  • Sarah Brown, Operations
  • Susie Adam, Marketing


Our leadership team want to make sure that every voice is heard. We appreciate that everyone has a preferred method of communicating and sharing their ideas, and the Employee Forum is simply an additional option.

By working together and sharing views from each part of the organisation, we can take an effective and integrated approach to supporting our employees and, in turn, delivering excellent customer care – another of our core values.

We recently held our first meeting and had some great discussion and debate around several key topics. We are very much looking forward to our next meeting in November!

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