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Customer service is at the heart of Extronics. From pre-sales advice through to post-sales support, we're on hand to help answer any questions you have.


This was my first order with Extronics, and I choose them as their products looked the best from my searches. They were quick, efficient, and I was really impressed by the customer service. I’d buy from them again

George Stratinakis, Purchasing, Spring Marine Management SA


I’m very happy with the way Extronics handles my orders and deliveries. They’ve got good products and I would use them as a supplier again

Ken McCombie, Technical Director, Gas Alert Systems Ltd


The service I received from Extronics was very helpful, and the products are excellent quality

Trevor Best, VSAT Project Engineer, Rignet UK Ltd


I chose to use Extronics based on their reputation, and I was very impressed with the service. I’d definitely use them again

Euan Miller, Senior Engineer, Fugro GEOS Ltd


Extronics were actually recommended by my customer, and I would absolutely use them again

Andrew Berwick, Engineer, ABB Engineering Services Ltd


Quality is important to me, and Extronics dealt well with my order. The technical support was very good, too
Adrian Bowles, Technical Manager, 3-Sci


Our Technical Engineer specified Extronics from the outset, and I wasn’t disappointed – I would happily use them again

Kara Masterson, Purchasing Manager, Survitec Group


Extronics handled my order well and provided very good service. I’d use them again

Paul Deery, Bridge Systems Ltd