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Uninterruptible power supplies are a critical component for maintaining safe and reliable operations in the process industries. It is vital critical assets, such as control systems, communication systems, navigation lighting, or blow out prevention systems, remain operational in all situations. Extronics Ex certified hazardous area uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) ensure critical systems carry on seamlessly to avoid damage or immediate danger to personnel.

UPS for Process Industries

Our UPS solutions are ATEX and IECEx certified for use in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas. Consisting of three core components and offered in both stainless steel and aluminium options, our UPS solutions are built to customer requirements.

iUPS101 Uninterruptible Power Supply System

Designed to be wall mounted, the iUPS101 UPS system includes an aluminium alloy or stainless-steel Ex d charger/inverter enclosure and a stainless-steel Ex e close coupled enclosure.

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Choose from a range of batteries and battery enclosure options. This could be the stainless steel iBATT100 Ex e battery enclosure containing maintenance-free valve regulated lead acid batteries or a tailored option from our iBATT500 and iBAT600 range, which can include lead acid, nickel cadmium, and nickel iron batteries and is scalable to suit your application requirements.

iBATT100 | iBATT500

DC Isolator

Our Ex DC isolator provides a point of isolation for the batteries. This means any required maintenance can be carried out safely or batteries can be shut down in the event of an emergency. We also offer distribution and bypass options bespoke to customer requirements.

Protecting Your Assets

Protect against mains power outages, ensure critical systems have backup power.

A Trusted Manufacturer

Extronics has been providing hazardous area equipment to the process industries for over 25 years.

Highly Rugged

Extronics iUPS101 solution is IP66 rated; designed to withstand the most hazardous and harsh environments.

Flexible Solution

A modular design means our UPS can be configured to meet customer requirements.

Proven Track Record

Over 100 UPS systems installed worldwide.

Extreme Temperatures

Suitable for a wide range of ambient temperatures.

The modular design means that the UPS output power and battery autonomy time can be tailored for your application. The autonomy times shown in the table are for the iUPS101 when used with our iBATT100 battery enclosure. We can offer a more tailored solution for alternative battery autonomy times using our iBATT500 or iBATT600 battery enclosures.

Ex Solar Power Options Available

A typical solar power system will consist of three primary components:

  • A photovoltaic panel that converts solar energy into electricity
  • A battery pack that stores energy for use as required
  • A solar control unit that manages, monitors, and protects the battery pack

If necessary, the control unit can contain power conversion to provide regulated AC or DC outputs the suit critical equipment being powered.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Brochure

Download a copy of our UPS brochure to learn more about our back power solutions.

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